The Old Masters Detective Agency

"...Mr. Schweller is an art dealer who takes particular pride in one aspect of his work: he scours the United States for 17th- to 19th-century paintings of grand personages, does extensive detective work to determine their identity, then tries to reunite these homeless gentry with their families in Europe.

Last fall, an anonymous Scottish elder statesman in a powdered wig moved in with Mr. Schweller, who was excited to discover that the old man's red and black robe identified him as the top judge in 18th-century Scotland's highest court. But before Mr. Schweller could try to send him home, a client in Dayton bought the Scotsman for his bedroom after becoming enamored of the judge's red robe...."

Buying into the Aristocracy

"Once the rage among the American new-rich, portraits of defunt British aristocrats have fallen into disfavor. If you enjoy them, now may be the time to buy...."